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When you find yourself looking for a little relief, read this first to see if these buzzy bottles are worth a shot. You’re likely familiar w...




When you find yourself looking for a little relief, read this first to see if these buzzy bottles are worth a shot. You’re likely familiar with the feeling of rushing to unbutton your pants after a big dinner or at the end of a long day of period puffiness. Bloating—a pretty universal conundrum, let’s be real—is why anti-bloat supplements from brands like HUM, Arrae, and The NueCo. entered the wellness ring. While the ingredients vary from productto product,these oral supps are generally packed with a blend of digestive enzymes and herbal ingredients (dandelion root, ginger,to name a couple)that are said to aid digestion and promote a healthy gut and, in turn, reduce the swell. Sounds attractive, but can they really deliver on the promises? What experts say aboutthese offerings...

They can nix painful gas and bloating.


Your gut is like a long hose lined with smooth muscle, which becomes stretched when your intestines expand from excess gas, says NYC gastroenterologist and WH advisor Samantha Nazareth, MD.Some ingredients, such as fennel and peppermint, can relax muscles and aid in moving food and air along, easing discomfort. So they may help after a meal or a night out, for example, and are generally safe if used as directed. These remedies aren’t must-haves, though—sometimes a lifestyle tweak (like slowing down when you eat) does the trick.

They help calm heartburn


Ananti-bloat supp might work if the burn is a result of food not being digested properly, says Dr. Nazareth. If you ate a lot and the foodis taking a long time to break down, that can prevent the valve connecting the esophagus and the stomach from closing properly—allowing acid and contents to flow back. In these cases, digestive enzymes and herbs can help the issue. But there are other possible causes of heartburn unrelated to digestion, such as a hiatal hernia and pregnancy.Consu your MD first to rule out other reasons.

They give your gut a boost.


These supplements cankeepyour system running smoothly if you tend tohave trouble digesting certain eats.Choose a tablet with enzymes that specifically target the culprit. For example, if fats are the source of your woes, you’ll want one with lipase. One note: It’s hard to tell if you’re getting the therapeutic dose because de-bloat supps (or any) are not FDA regulated. “I encourage people to do their own research into a company,” says Marvin Singh, MD, a California-based integrative gastroenterologist. Look at their track record online and research the manufacturer, product, and ingredients.

FYI: If you have a blood disorder, you’ll want to avoid a formula that includes bromelain. It works on proteins but can also interfere with platelets and clotting. Ultimately,for awell-functioning gut, go back to basics: eating a well-balanced diet, managing stress, and prioritizing sleep. “Those are fundamentals for everybody, ”Dr. Nazareth says .Good reminder!