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Would you love to be more active – and to have a good time doing it, too? Read on and discover simple ways to make it happen. 1. RETHINK THE...

7 Secrets to Enjoying Exercise  7 Secrets to Enjoying Exercise

7 Secrets to Enjoying Exercise

7 Secrets to Enjoying Exercise

Would you love to be more active – and to have a good time doing it, too? Read on and discover simple ways to make it happen.


Did you take one look at this page and think, ‘there’s no chance of me ever liking exercise’? We often think back to school, don’t we?. ‘For me, it was freezing cold hockey pitches!’ With experiences like that, it’s no wonder some of us shut down at the mere mention of exercise. Don’t worry, though, nobody is going to make you wear Lycra, do sweaty gym sessions or exercise in front of anyone if you don’t want to – anything that just gets you moving more counts as beneficial physical activity. ‘Walking a little bit further, dancing around the kitchen, doing some vigorous vacuuming…it’s all about day-to-day movement.’ And aiming to create moments of moderate-intensity cardio activity – movement that increases your breathing, raises your heart rate and makes you feel warmer (while you can still hold a conversation) – will bring you the best benefits.


Many of us assume exercising means running every evening, or going to the gym all the time. If you try to do too much too soon, you’re likely to give up because it’s not achievable – or enjoyable. That’s where Body Magic is different. Body Magic isn’t Slimming World’s word for exercise, it’s a unique physical activity programme – a support programme – that starts from wherever you are now. Whether you’ve yet to get started or you’re already doing some exercise and building up at your own pace, it’s designed to help you overcome hurdles and boost motivation. ‘If you’re not doing any activity, the government advice of doing 150 minutes a week can seem overwhelming, says Jacquie. ‘What if, instead, you said, “three times a week, I’m going to go for a five-minute walk”? Then when that’s become a habit, you might go on to do a little bit more, then a little bit more…’ It’s been proven that doing little bits regularly is more important for your health than occasional, bigger blocks of exercise.


We don’t give a second thought to everyday habits like brushing our teeth – it’s just what we do. Making activity an everyday habit, too, is at the very heart of the Body Magic programme, which has been developed in collaboration with behaviour change experts to help you make physical activity a normal, enjoyable part of your week. ‘We’re here to give you all the knowledge you need to find activity that’s great for your health and supports weight loss. And importantly, to help you break through any misconceptions or worries that may be stopping you from starting exercise, or doing more than you are currently.


The most important steps to a more active lifestyle are the first ones,  doing that government-recommended 150 minutes, and getting the associated health benefits, such as reducing aches and pains, and lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. Many benefits begin kicking in as soon as you get active, from improved mood to a better night’s sleep. 


If you’re not sure where to start, or how to add more activity to what you’re already doing, think about something that would be meaningful to you personally. Walking the kids to school rather than driving them, for example – since it’s something you’ve got to do each morning anyway. Or volunteer to be the one who walks the family dog – again, you know that always has to happen, so there’s a reason to keep it up regularly. Activities that suit you and that fit into your lifestyle are the ones that will slip most easily into your life.


It's about finding things your personally enjoy. Build your confidence at home and discover new activities you love.


Doing physical activity your way is the key to really embracing it for life. That’s why at Slimming World you decide when, where and how you want to do it, in a way that’s totally tailorable to you Those life skills you’re building become your foundations for long-term successful weight management. They also give you an amazing sense of achievement as you reframe yourself as someone who is capable of being active and unlocking all the amazing health and body benefits that brings.